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Taz Garcia joins Jackie Chan & John Cena
Taz Garcia visits Global News Morning
#TazGarcia #Bachelor #tazitogarcia
Taz is this month's Most Eligible Bachelor
Rai Magazine Exclusive - April 2018
Exclusive interview -Becoming Highest Paid Canadian Action Star
Jo Lee - 180 from Ordinary article
Action Career Chapter 1
Addicted Magazine
#MCM Tazito Garcia
Toronto Guardian
DTK Magazine Exclusive
DTK MEN Exclusive: Interview With Actor Taz Garcia
TOI MAGAZINE November 2017 Issue
Exclusive Interview with Action Star on the rise - Tazito (Taz) Garcia
Action Movie Freak
Tazito Garcia - New Kind of Action Movie Star
Novella Magazine Article
Novella Magazine - A conversation with Tazito
Hollywood North Magazine - Exclusive
Exclusive interview with Tazito Garcia
Urban Grandstand- Exclusive
Digital Exclusive with Taz Garcia
FSI Magazine
Fitness Star International Magazine featuring Tazito Garcia 12 pages spread
Entrigue Magazine Press Release
Entrigue Magazine- Pennsylvania
Mononews talks about the new generation of action stars
Youngest Icon Award Recipient
Dr. Bob Goldman and Michael DePasquale Jr. present the ICON awards in Los Angeles, CA at the xii AOF International Film Festival.

(Left-Right) Tazito Garcia, Don (The Dragon) Wilson, Dr. Bob Goldman, Bill (Superfoot) Wallace, Michael DePasquale Jr, Art Camacho, Bob Wall, Cynthia Rock, Ronnie (Mr. Olympia) Coleman.
The China Press
Tazito Garcia "Talented actor not just a pretty face to represent Canada"

Pinewood Studios - Malaysia will see a mixed cast brought together for the first time on a big production to reach a milestone of "crossing borders" promoting China in Hollywood and vice versa - while filming sci-fi (LOST IN THE
701 Magazine (Chinese Magazine)
701 Magazine discussses Dead End stars appearance at Pacific Mall - Markham, Ontario.
GTA this Month
Young Achiever of the Month. Released in November in honor of his birthday.
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