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Tazito Garcia ventured into the film making world at a very young age when he would bring friends together and recreat cartoon scenes, or creative ideas while guiding them from behind the lense.


In 2010 Tazito embarked on an adventure to make a film about a true story about his martial arts affiliates and what drove him to breaking all ties with them (Dark Side); sparking an interest from investors, fellow actors, and several clothing and location sponsors.


Ever since, Tazito has gained invaluable experience and successfully directed 5 award winning $0 films that have been acknowledged to look worth a minimum of $10,000.


The idea behind a 'no budget' was to inspire film students that were told that, without a budget it was impossible to make a film from start to finish. It would not be possible for them to hire actors and a team, as well as provide catering, permits, and be able to deal with pre and post production stages in film making.


Tazito was up for the challenge and has since been considered a film school 'Robin Hood'. Recently Tazito directed Juno award nominee, Vita Chambers "El Camino" World Cup 2015 music video.


Film making is a passion, a talent and an extremeley valuable way to improve your acting. However, Tazito always warns fellow actors that want to follow the same path that it is also a very easy way to hinder your performance as an actor if you try and direct a scene or yourself when you are simply hired to be an 'actor'. 



Recent Awards


Film Award of Excellence 2015

Canada International Film Festival - Toronto, ON


Best Directing 2015
The Online Film Festival 

Festival Runner Up 2015

Best Action Short of The Year 2014

Action On Film Festival - Los Angeles, CA

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