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Tazito Garcia has grown to admire the martial arts world and considers it a lifestyle and not just a means of staying fit.


After years of competing and excelling in many forms including Kung Fu, Karate, Greco Wrestling, Kickboxing and Capoeira. It was only by chance that Tazito would use his knowledge for more than discipline and competition.


As a child, Tazito was forbidden to train in martial arts in fear that he would become more aggressive. Little did his parents know that it would become a game changer for what many actors are currently seeking to master for their next action demanding role.

As Stunt Coordinator and founder of IRON DRAGON STUNT TEAM, Tazito has worked on many sets varying from live stage, to motion capture (Video Games- where a special suit is worn to capture the actions then relayed to a computer) to time pieces and Hong Kong Style Action (Where the action is swift, intricate and flowery with the least amount of camera or angle cheating involved).  


Tazito, a Jackie Chan fan, prides himself in the extra commitment to any of his characters that he portrays in his films, and shares the same passion when guiding fellow actors if he were coordinating the scenes for them.


Tazito has taught many workshops around the world to teach actors how to look good when 'fighting on camera' and the difference between the real world and film world - just because you can fight off camera, doesn't mean you'll look good on camera...

Tazito has just recently completed another movie (Project X) with Jackie Chan and this time featuring John Cena as well.






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