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Tazito on iLive show with Patirck O'Morris

                                                                                                               Sep 24, 2017

Patrick and Taz discuss what it takes to get into the industry, the obstacles faced when starting and is Canada aka Hollywood North enough or is a visit to Hollywood essential to any actor's career.

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Tazito on The Show About with Simone RC

                                                                                                                Sep 21, 2017

Simone follows up with Taz's upcoming productions and his latest awards from the Action on Film International Film Festival in Las Vegas.

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Tazito on Todd Shapiro show (XM Radio)

                                                                                                          Sep 11, 2017

Todd talks about TIFF with returning rising action star, Taz. Todd also wants a cameo in Taz's upcoming action-comedy film.

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Tazito Garcia on Todd Shapiro Show

Novella Magazine Article 

                                                           Sep 9, 2017

Toronto's Novella Magazine gets up close and personal with Taz's dreams, goals and transition from no budget work to multi-million dollar productions.

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Tazito Garcia Novella Magazine

Hollywood North Magazine (Exclusive)

                                                                                                      Sep 5, 2017

Vancouver's favorite magazine talks with Taz about the essential part of being multi-talented in today's industry. Stunts, goals, future projects and more.

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Hollywood North Magazine Taz Garcia

Tazito on Ward & Al Show (XM RADIO)

                                                                                                  Aug 30, 2017

Ward and Al the coolest cats in town talk about how hard it is to do action for the camera and why Taz got into martial arts at  a young age.

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Taz on WardandAlshow

Fitness Star Magazine 12 page spread 

                                                                                                   Aug 23, 2017

Taz discusses his long 16 hour on set days and how to stay fit without a gym. The key to staying fit and healthy with a bonus meal plan feature.

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Taz Garcia feature in FSI Magazine

Tazito inside Vaughan City Hall.150th Canada day 

                                                                                 Jun 22, 2017 - Jul 31,2017

Taz get selected as a multicultural icon for his town and become part of the Vaughan City Hall center piece for a month as a celebration of Canada's 150th birthday. 

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Tazito is up at Vaughan City Hall

Recent Accomplishments

Tazito at Icon Awards 2016 - Action on Film International Film Festival Icon Award Recipients

Icon Award Recipients. September 2016
Tazito officially becomes the youngest recipient of the Michael DePasquale Jr. and Dr. Bob Goldman ICON award in Los Angeles. 

(left -right)

Tazito Garcia, Don (The Dragon) Wilson, Dr. Bob Goldman, Bill (Superfoot) Wallace, Michael DePasquale Jr, Art Camacho, Bob Wall, Cynthia Rock, Ronnie (Mr. Olympia) Coleman.

Dundas square - tazito garcia ad

Print Ad Spotted. March 2016
Tazito spotted on a Humber College Billboard downtown Toronto @ Dundas Square.  

Tazito Garcia - Male action performer of the year award (2015) with Del Weston

Male Action Performer award. September 2015
Tazito receives 'Male Action Performer of The Year' in Los Angeles at the annual Action on Film International Film Festival 2015.​

Tazito Garcia in China - Lost in the pacific

Canadian Actor on Board. April 2015

Lost in the Pacific stars make headlines in the Chinese Newspaper. Russell Wong, Brandon Routh, Tazito Garcia and Kaiwi Lyman.

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