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How it all began

Actor, model and director Tazito Garcia is an Award winner and nominee currently based out of Toronto, Canada. 


As a former professional junior athlete, The young Tazito was brought up as a performer; diligent and always pushing the limit to better himself and please the audience. Through his pro athlete years Tazito has travelled and lived in various countries and cities around the world while playing professional soccer (Manchester United) and professional tennis (ATP Jr) before settling in Toronto in late 2002. 

The multilingual Garcia enrolled to university and
soon enough, the freshman was looking at 4 years of university before being launched into the 'real career' world. 


By the end of it, the new graduate, Garcia had a bachelor's degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management with a minor degree in sales, marketing and psychology. Garcia worked in an upscale downtown hotel where his internship for school had a job ready upon graduating. It wasn't long before Garcia left and pursued something less 'routine' and more 'exciting'.


Garcia managed and taught at his martial arts dojo, while enrolling in acting classes as a parallel path to his academics. Ever since, he's pursued his acting and modeling career, landing him several appearances on television shows, print work and major productions. 


Garcia's first jobs came in through television commercials followed by a few independent film projects. Several print ads later, Garcia earned "Bathing Beauty of the year"(2005) and "Male model of the year" (2005) opening many doors for him for the years to come. Garcia has worked both in front and behind the camera on a number of films and television series in Canada, USA and Asia.


In 2013 Garcia was awarded "Breakout Male Action Star" at the film festival in Los Angeles for his performance in what was also his first official directing debut for The Briefcase. Recent film credits include Dead Endand First Bust, which recently earned him the title of "Male Action Performer of The Year"(2015) in Hollywood. 


Several film titles pending include, Lost in The Pacific (2016), Past Tense (2016) and Trigger (2016) paving a clear path for the rising action star that continues to strengthen his connections worldwide through marketing campaigns and his social media following.


During his time off-screen, Garcia has also directed 5 films with 4 being award nominated and winning films screened at various film festivals internationally as well as the 2015 world cup song for Juno nominee artist- Vita Chambers. Garcia, also a martial arts champion enjoys holding seminars to share his 18 years of various martial arts expertise with many current and upcoming stars to prepare them for action filled roles.


The action star is also a heavy supporter of innumerable charities that include The SickKids Foundation, Support for Cancer treatment facilities, and Jackie Chan's "Build a School for a Dollar Program". Garcia, is known to be a helpful hand to those in need, and continue to depict the ideal role model for the younger generations.

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