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Guiding hundreds of acting students and filmmakers internationally for over a decade...

Let's put in the work...


Unstoppable Actor

This 1 on 1 curriculum style class is customized for actors based on their levels. For beginners, the focus is always on the basics along with an introduction to industry terms, scene and character breakdowns, monologues, dialogues and audition prep. This will provide students with the tools necessary to put their best foot forward for auditions and eventually secure representation with a warm lead from me with prospect agents once ready.

Multiple levels as they improve*

Virtual Class*


Big Break! Coaching 

This session is geared towards working actors with specific auditions or roles and need additional prep with professional advice to help optimize the chances for booking. 

Reader fees are extra*

Virtual Class*


Public Speaking

For some people, public speaking is an art, while for others, it's their worst nightmare. Together, we can transform that crucial life skill into an engaging and entrancing experience for your viewers.

Virtual Class / In person*


Zero to Hero

These classes are geared towards actors, performers and filmmakers who would like to have a better understanding or upgrade skills for physical storytelling via action on film. In class, we cover safety, distance, terminology, choreography, conditioning, filming methods, equipment, and solo and pair work. We also constantly highlight the differences between REAL and REEL, which will help the participant become an action star in no time. 

In person*
Virtual Class can be arranged*


Action! Coaching 

These coaching sessions are catered to specific auditions/roles for actors that want to ensure they deliver their best performance yet for that big audition.

Virtual Class*  
In person*



Whether it's your social media, acting career or new podcast, let's discuss how you can leave a lasting impression that will help you stand out for your target audience or prospect representatives.

Virtual Class*

I've learned so much in such short time in comparison to other acting studios out there. Wish I found you sooner. Thanks Taz!

Robb Walters

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